Ambient temperature

All Siemens and Fabrika non-ATEX motors in the standard version can be used in ambient temperatures between -20 °C and +40 °C and altitudes up to 1000 m above sea level. Other ambient temperatures or altitudes are possible on request.

In addition, standard motors can be operated with a coolant temperature up to 55 °C and utilised according to thermal class 155 (F) without power reduction.

For Siemens motors with special options, the windings are already utilised according to thermal class 155 (F), however, only one option is permissible and no converter operation is permitted.

Standard Siemens motors have thermal class 155 (F) and are utilised in accordance with thermal class 130 (B). If this utilisation level is to be retained and the conditions deviate, the permissible power must be reduced according to Table 1 below.:

Ambient temperature of electric motors

Table 1. Ambient temperature of Siemens standard electric motors

For Fabrika standard motors, power deviations according to the table 2. below must be observed. Operation at ambient temperatures higher than 60°C requires special motors on request.

Table 2. Ambient temperature of Fabrika standard electric motors