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Customized motors for your needs

At Fabrika we can customise your motor to suit your needs. This is both quicker for you – and makes business sense – than if you had to make your own adjustments to the motors you buy.

It also means that if you can’t find a standard motor that meets your needs – we can help!

Customisation – a major advantage for you

Perhaps you need an electric motor with cables, so you can just plug it in. Perhaps it needs a higher torque or be as small as possible with maximum performance. Maybe the electric motors have to be built using assembly that meets your machine, or something else.

In such instances, it is of major benefit to you if we as electric motor specialists could make the necessary changes and adjustments to the motors before it is delivered to you. It saves you both management and time, and our experience shows that this can significantly impact your bottom line.

Sharp quality control

Fabrika’s own quality specialists check all motors, both at our premises and at our sub-contractors’. All motors will be controlled and tested before dispatch – this is your guarantee that the motors will meet out stringent quality requirements.

Make your machines more effective

You can bring us in even at the development stage of your machines. We can bring extensive experience from many different industries alongside our specialist knowledge on electric motors, and can therefore contribute ideas and suggestions for optimisation.

Get a framework order with us – even for specialist production!

As with our standard motors, we can of course offer you a framework order. This means we stock your products so you avoid storage costs and can simply take the products as you need them. We keep an eye on stock levels and on your use of electric motors, so that we can react in plenty of time to ensure that you always have enough.

Leave it all to us – it will give you savings and quick delivery, and you get your own future-proof plug-and-play motors to fit to your machine.

Contact us to hear more about the benefits you get with Fabrika Customized.


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