IP protection class

A suitable degree of protection should be selected depending on the operating and environmental conditions of your application and machine to prevent the damaging effect of water, foreign bodies and dust coming into contact with rotating parts inside a motor or stationary parts under voltage. This is defined as IP (International Protection) class.

According to the European standard EN 60034-5, our motors are protected against solid and liquid substances. Our standard 3 phase induction motors are produced to IP55 protection class. They are also available on request in IP56, IP65 and IP66 protection limits.

The degree of protection of an electric motor is specified via a code. This comprises 2 letters and 2 digits.

As shown in the table below, in the IP sequence, the first digit describes the protection against solids, while the second digit indicates protection against liquids.International protection class of electric motors from Fabrika

Table 1: International protection class of electric motors from Fabrika

In North America, abbreviations are used regarding the degree of protection, which are not directly comparable with IP degrees of protection, as the degree of protection (IP) and cooling type (IC) are combined.


  • DP (Drip-proof): Protected against dripping water
  • ODP (Open drip-proof): Open, protected against dripping water
  • TE (Totally enclosed): Fully enclosed
  • TENV (Totally enclosed, non-ventilated): Fully enclosed, non-ventilated
  • TEFC (Totally enclosed, fan-cooled): Fully enclosed, t.e.f.c.
  • TEFV (Totally enclosed, forced-ventilated): Fully enclosed, forced-ventilated
  • WPRF (Water-proof): Fully enclosed, protected against water jets
  • TEWC (Totally enclosed, water-cooled): Fully enclosed, directly water cooled