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Very energy-efficient electrical motors

We can help you to energy-optimize your product to make sure that your solution lives up to all applicable requirements for energy efficiency.

We offer electric motors according to energy efficiency grades IE3 and IE4, and furthermore the Siemens range of electrical motors adapted for frequency inverter operation – all at very competitive prices!

We can help you to energy-optimize your product

Through our collaboration with Siemens, we have the entire Siemens energy management software at our disposal for dimensioning and selecting products – in this way we can help you to energy-optimize your products and can offer the best quality electric motors from Siemens.

Innovative and energy-effiicent electric motor

Fabrika has, in close cooperation with one of our customers, developed a very energy-efficient and customized permanent magnet motor for the agriculture industry. This solution offers the highest energy efficiency as well as a long service life, and in this way it contributes to a complete system among the best on the market today. The motor is a good example of a solution where Fabrika in close dialogue with the customer has developed a customized solution which fits exactly to the customer’s need.

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