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Value for money

Fabrika Standard is our own range of high quality standardised electric motors. Fabrika Standard is the ideal solution if you want a range of standard products at competitive prices and in large quantities.

Fabrika Standard comprises single-phased, three-phased and explosion-proof electric motors and covers most sizes, services and application areas.

High quality and ongoing control

Fabrika Standard meets all applicable requirements and specifications, and we constantly check the quality. We have our own quality specialists and always follow production closely so we can guarantee you the quality you need.

We offer framework agreements and high security of delivery

If you need a high number of motors over a longer period of time for your production, it is worth having a framework agreement with us.

You can request the motors from stock whenever you need them so you don’t have to cover storage costs yourself. This also means we can react quickly if we notice that the conditions of your framework order change. You can trust that there are always motors in stock for you.

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Fabrika Standard gives you:


See our technical catalogue (NB: Worn-out motors shall be placed in recycling centre).


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