No ice without an electric motor

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When you need ice cream to feed all the world’s sweet teeth, it is often produced in machines supplied by Gram Equipment in Aarhus – and those machines contain electric motors from Fabrika.

Gram Equipment is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for making ice cream – freezers, extruders, ingredient feeders and much more. Gram Equipment is the result of a merger between WCB Ice Cream and the traditional Danish fridge manufacturer Gram, and today Gram Equipment supplies sophisticated production equipment for the world’s entire ice cream production. For several years Fabrika has been a regular supplier of electric motors from Siemens directly to Gram’s production.


No ice cream without an electric motor

Electric motors are vital components in a freezer. The electric motors help ensure circulation in the ice mass, and this means special requirements for the equipment. The electric motors must not only be operationally reliable, but must also be able to be accurately controlled, and often need to be customised to meet customers’ specific needs. Here the engineers at Gram Equipment work closely with Fabrika’s product specialists on specifying the motors according to specific requirements that apply to different markets around the world.

We prioritise three things, quality, delivery and support. The quality is always in order when the name Siemens is written on the motor. Delivery must also be optimum, because delayed production is unacceptable. And finally, we must have professional communication all the way round – which we have with Fabrika.

John Christensen, Procurement Manager, Gram Equipment.

Siemens motors direct to Gram’s production

The motors Gram Equipment buy from Fabrika come from Siemens and are sent directly from Germany to Gram’s production in the Danish city Kolding. Before then, Fabrika’s technicians will have specified the motors, and Fabrika’s quality specialists will have carefully followed production and logistics.


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