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High quality and ongoing control

All Fabrika deliveries meet applicable requirements and specifications, and we constantly inspect for quality. Our own quality department maintains the highest standards of quality in production processes. We can guarantee that you receive the uniform, high quality products you need.

Excellent quality control

Our own quality specialists ensure that the products we supply are thoroughly checked and produced according to all applicable Western standards. And if you need a special product, we have a wide network of partners so we can always help you in the process.

High quality and plenty of options

We are known for our high quality standards, fast response times and excellent service, regardless of whether we sell you a Siemens motor or a Fabrika motor. With our comprehensive product range with everything from explosion proof electric motors to single-phase electric motors and permanent magnet motors, you not only get the good quality, but also a variety of possibilities so that we together can come up with the solution that suits your needs.

Documentation in order

We ensure you always get the documentation you need – quickly and effectively. Our own quality specialists regularly ensure that the quality follows our recommendations, and we ensure that you always get the documentation you need.


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