Deliveries, logistics and framework agreements

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First rate delivery and logistics

We know how important it is for you that delivery and logistics are in order when you buy machine components.

We also know that it’s important that the prices are right every time, because we are in a price-sensitive market and must be able to deliver the right quality at the right price. This is what Fabrika can do.

Get a framework agreement with us – for the many benefits

If you need us to deliver many motors over a longer period of time, we recommend that you have a framework agreement with us.

We will ensure that the products you need are in stock in our warehouse. We monitor your consumption and react promptly to ensure that we always have motors to meet your needs.

Guaranteed savings, rapid deliveries and financial security as you pay nothing until you call off a product.

We naturally also give you full security of supply when you sign a framework agreement with us. This means you can always trust your products are stocked with us.


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