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Fabrika is an Approved Partner with Siemens and distributor of Siemens’ wide range of frequency converters

Frequency converters from Siemens are based on innovative principles and give you the opportunity to build solutions that are optimised for effect and energy consumption.

The Siemens name also means that you have access to Siemens’ worldwide support and service, and we naturally ensure that you get all the documentation you need for your project.

The frequency converters have been tested and developed to work together perfectly with Siemens electric motors. It is therefore easier for you to get a documented effect and efficiency at different operational points.

We will find a solution that suits

Siemens frequency converters can be adapted to individual tasks, regardless of whether this is to manage pumps, ventilators, transport belts or other. We can deliver from Siemens’ large central warehouse in Germany, so you can get up and running quickly.

Siemens also has the entire range of electric motors and gears

All components from Siemens are designed to work together seamlessly – but they also work together with components from other manufacturers, because they follow all common standards.

We naturally recommend that you put a Siemens electric motor with a Siemens frequency converter. This makes the set-up both easy and quick, because all the motor data is stored in the frequency converter.

If you choose to buy your Siemens components from Fabrika, you naturally also get access to Siemens’ global support and service.

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