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Make it easier with one supplier

At Fabrika you can get a number of products of high quality that supply your electric motor.

We hold the entire stock of Siemens’ gear, as well as our own Fabrika series.

Fabrika’s own series of gear is produced for us by a sub-contractor, which we follow closely with our own quality specialists. Fabrika gear is a strong and competitive product, which naturally comes with all the documentation you need.

We also supply frequency converters from Siemens.

Permanent contact person

You can make all your motor and accessories purchases from us. This saves you both time and freight costs. And when you get it all from the same place, you also know who to contact if you have any questions. All our customers have a contact person who knows the customers’ needs. That’s how we ensure you get the best service we can give.

With our ProPartner model, we work hard to learn about your business and your need for information. We know that we will be able to supply you the best product if we know each other well.

You are always welcome to contact us and hear more about what we can help you with. 


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