Fabrika is a specialist in electric motors

Quality products, fast response times and competent sparring

Fabrika is an electric motor specialist. We sell both Siemens electric motors and our own Fabrika range of electric motors, and we provide a wide range of accessories. We can also customise your motors so you avoid costly processes in your own production. This means that you only need to shop in one place.

We always give you a quick response, professional sparring and products of optimum quality – and you will always talk to a specialist when you call us.


We take pride in knowing our customers inside out. That’s why we have developed our own way of working with our customers.
We call this the ProPartner-model, and you can read more about it here.


Case: No ice cream without an electric motor

Long-term collaboration and shared development – those are the key words
when we supply electric motors from Siemens and Gram Equipment.


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+45 88 82 50 00