Haarup Maskinfabrik reduced their lead time and obtained swift access to documentation

A fast lead time is crucial to remain competitive in today’s market – and it proved to be a crucial factor when Haarup, a full-line supplier of mixing plants for the concrete industry, chose Fabrika as their supplier of electric motors.








“A fast lead time is crucial to remain competitive in today’s market – and it proved to be a crucial factor when Haarup, a full-line supplier of mixing plants for the concrete industry, chose Fabrika as their supplier of electric motors”


Hans Christensen, Managing Director at Haarup Maskinfabrik




Who is Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S?

Since 1964 Haarup has manufactured full-line mixing plants for the concrete industry.

Today, the family-owned company has supplied thousands of concrete mixers and mixing plants for customers across more than 50 countries – all with an unyielding dedication to quality, long lifetime, and efficient operations.Read more about Haarup here




Delivery time was a deciding factor for choosing Fabrika

Haarup supplies mixing plants for the concrete industry – an industry in which quality and lead time are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.Therefore, when Fabrika contacted Haarup about the possibility of a collaboration, it was especially the promise of faster delivery time that piqued Haarup’s interest.

By receiving the electric motor faster, Haarup could achieve improvements and effectively reduce their lead time.
Today, Haarup and Fabrika have worked together for years, and the collaboration has provided Haarup with more benefits than a reduced delivery time.




Fabrika is a Siemens approved partner

Fabrika is an expert in electric motors, and they offer a complete solution within standard motors consisting of their own product range and Siemens’ entire range of electric motors, gears and frequency converters.

For Haarup, this meant that they obtained a one-stop-shop supplier that could provide them with Siemens’ high-quality motors produced in Europe.

It also meant that Haarup gained an opportunity for co-branding together with one of the biggest names in the electric motor industry. Additionally, they gained access to Siemens’ world-wide support and service, which is a game-changer for a company like Haarup that has a global presence.




Fast response time and excellent documentation at hand

Haarup is used to balancing multiple on-going projects, and in order to maintain a seamless workflow, they need swift access to complete and technical documentation, including datasheets and 2 and 3D drawings.

For that reason, documentation should never be the cause of a delay in the quotation or proposal of a project.

Fabrika has a deep understanding and expertise regarding electric motors, and, therefore, technical support is always ready – and with access to the Siemens configurator – a powerful electric motor configuration software – Fabrika can deliver answers quickly.







“It’s a successful and very productive collaboration. We have a strong understanding of one another, ensuring a seamless collaboration. Whenever Haarup has a new inquiry, we promptly provide the necessary technical information and supply the requested products“


Kaspar Mikkelsen, Business Development at Fabrika




Try the configurator yourself

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Extensive industry insights provide important support

Haarup benefits from Fabrika’s extensive industry knowledge, as Fabrika provides the necessary support and insights regarding electric motors, allowing Haarup to focus solely on their business. This became evident during the Covid-19 outbreak when supply chains broke down and delivery times were pushed and pushed.

At that time, Fabrika took a proactive approach and proposed the idea of pre-ordering motors, which proved instrumental in minimizing production bottlenecks and maintaining Haarup’s competitiveness throughout the pandemic.

These valuable insights stem from a close and long-standing collaboration that has given Fabrika a deep understanding of Haarup’s operations.
Ultimately, these advantages highlight the benefits of partnering with a smaller specialized supplier like Fabrika, making sure you always work with the same dedicated team.




Your experts in electric motors

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From standard to fully customized electric motors, we strive to create the most value for you and find the best solution for the exact needs of your company.

As your one-stop-shop for electric motors, we can deliver everything for a complete solution – at competitive prices.

From technical support to quality assurance, we strive for nothing but excellence, and we are ready to answer any question you may have!



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