Get a complete and customized motor solution at Fabrika

– or choose a standard motor from Siemens or our own Fabrika series.

Fabrika is specialized in customized electric motors. We are experienced and efficient, and we make it easy for your company to do what you are best at – then we do what we are best at. Which is to supply a unique customized electric motor for exactly your needs.

It is your advantage to shop at Fabrika – you save time and money!

Standard motors Customized solutions

We have helped many customers optimize their business by creating a unique customized electric motor for their needs.

Unique, customized solutions

Fabrika differs by offering customized electric motors, according to your company’s specific needs. Whether it’s a standard electric motor that needs to be able to do something specific or modified, or whether your company needs a unique solution – customized solutions are our core competence.

When we make modifications and adjustments, we always ensure that quality and technology are in order before we deliver a product. We are your sparring partner who has an overview of your options – it saves you and your company time and money.

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Our customized solutions
  • Customized electric motors according to your needs

    We adapt our motors for you so that they fit perfectly. Of course, we provide complete documentation, 3D drawings and data sheets, so you can easily implement them in your construction.

Fabrika electric motors are recognized for its high and consistent quality as well as competitive prices

Complete range of standard engines

Fabrika offers a wide range of standard electric motors. We have both single-phase, three-phase, explosion-proof and energy-efficient electric motors – both from our own Fabrika series and from Siemens.

We cover the vast majority of sizes, efficiencies and application areas.

Our standard motors meet all applicable requirements and specifications, and we constantly maintain close control over the quality of our products. If you need a different kind of electric motor, we also offer customized solutions, so you get exactly the electric motor that suits your needs.

Our standard motors

One supplier for all your accessories and electric motors

At Fabrika you can get a number of products of high quality that supply your electric motor so you can make all your motor and accessories purchases from us. This saves you both time and freight costs. And when you get it all from the same place, you also know who to contact if you have any questions.

We hold the entire stock of Siemens’ gear and frequency converters, as well as our own Fabrika series.

Our accessoires

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