Customized pump solutions with very specific requirements can be a challenge. There is often a need for specialized knowledge and technical sparring, where experience and a broad product knowledge are essential. Fabrika’s experienced employees solve the task for IRON Pump A/S in Søborg with an ongoing collaboration that delivers the right motor solution every time.

Favourable collaboration with Fabrika

IRON Pump A/S in Søborg produces and delivers world-class Danish-produced pumps to the marine and offshore sectors, among others. Fabrika has for several years been a supplier of, among other things, Siemens electric motors for both marine and land-based plants. Fabrika is Approved Siemens Partner, and this is a huge advantage for IRON Pump A/S. The factory can supply the Siemens Eagle Line, which complies with the requirements for NEMA motors, to the American market.

Delivery safety and fast, honest advice

Serious companies rely on fast sparring and easy contact with their partners. Therefore, it is important for IRON Pump A/S that they can trust that Fabrika quickly responds every time and can immediately confirm a customized motor solution that matches the specific requirements and needs. For Peter K. Rasmussen, Project Engineer, IRON Pump A/S, the quick advice he experiences at Fabrika is particularly important, as his customer is waiting at the other end of the pipe. He tells, among other things, how Fabrika stands out for its delivery ability:

”I work primarily with customized pump solutions. The motors we use are rarely standard models. Fabrika is always quick to offer the right motor solution so that I can give my customer a rapid response. All our pumps are customized, and it is important that the motor can also be adapted to meet different standards and needs. Fabrika has never yet failed to meet specifications.”

Peter K. Rasmussen, Project Engineer, IRON Pump A/S.

Strong customer contact and adapted electric motors

Fabrika always strives to find the right solution for all projects. Whether it is standard electric motors or adapting motors to meet specific requirements, Fabrika can always find the right solution together with its customer. Fabrika is characterized by the competent customer contact – whether it is technical sparring or an informal talk – that is why IRON Pump A/S chooses Fabrika as a permanent partner for the delivery of customized electric motor solutions.

You are always welcome to contact us and hear more. Let us help you find the best solution that meets your needs.

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