Denmark’s smaller companies have a special need for reliable partners. Economy and trust are an important factor, as the price must be right, and the customer must be able to trust that the supplier is reliable, fast, and ready for change. That is why the Danish company, Honeycomb Cellpack, chooses Fabrika as a permanent supplier of electric motors.

Fast and adaptable

Honeycomb Cellpack is a 100% Danish company that produces packaging for shock absorption and transport. In cardboard production, the use of conveyor belts and electric motors is a central part of the flow, and Honeycomb Cellpack therefore needs a supplier of electric motors and gears that can deliver quickly and safely – and at the right prices, of course. That is why Fabrika is a regular supplier of electric motors for Honeycomb Cellpack and has been for several years.

Positively surprised by Fabrika’s prices

That price matters hardly surprises anyone. But for smaller companies like Honeycomb Cellpack, the economy is absolutely essential to the company’s survival in a market pressured by larger companies from abroad. Fabrika can offer Honeycomb Cellpack extremely competitive prices, and this helps to ensure the company’s continued survival and success in the market.

“We have been positively surprised over the prices at Fabrika,” says Bent Kjeldsen, the production manager at Honeycomb Cellpack. “We are a small company, and we are in a market that is under the pressure of large international companies. Therefore, we have to be able to adjust our production in a hurry and so it is very important to us to have a close supplier. Furthermore, they can deliver the components to competitive prices which is even better. Fabrika can do all that.”

Quick response time saves the company money

Fabrika is happy to be able to contribute to the growth and success of smaller companies and continue to operate in the market. Therefore, the competent advice without a long response time is essential in Fabrika’s core values. We know how important it is to be fast and efficient so that the customer can quickly get on with their project with a competent answer. That is why Honeycomb Cellpack chooses a permanent collaboration with Fabrika.

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