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Electric motor with emergency stop

At Fabrika we can take care of almost every modification to your motor and deliver a perfect motor solution to you. As in this solution, that we developed for a customer, we adapted one of our standard motors to their specific needs.

We built in a start-/stop-switch and an electrical brake relay, which was needed in the customer’s production.

You can include Fabrika already in the development of your engine, so that together we can find a solution that fits! We are always ready to talk about electric motors and discuss your options. Possible modifications include emergency brake, CE plug and much more.

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  • Power

    0,18 to 18,5 kW
  • Pole numbers

    2 to 8 poles
  • Size

    IEC 63 to 180
  • Application

    For use in e.g. belt grinders
  • Customizable

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Customization – a major advantage for you

At Fabrika we can customize your motor to suit your needs. This is both quicker for you – and makes business sense – than if you had to make your own adjustments to the motors you buy.

It also means that if you cannot find a standard motor that meets your needs – we can help!

Perhaps you need an electric motor with cables, so you can just plug it in. Perhaps it needs a higher torque or be as small as possible with maximum performance. Maybe the electric motors must be built using assembly that meets your machine, or something else.

In such instances, it is of major benefit to you if we as electric motor specialists could make the necessary changes and adjustments to the motors before it is delivered to you. It saves you both management and time, and our experience shows that this can significantly impact your bottom line.

Contact us to hear more about the benefits you get with Fabrika’s customized electric motors.

You are always welcome to contact us and hear more. Let us help you find the best solution that meets your needs.