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Your flexible partner

Fabrika is a Danish company specialising in electric motors. We are a young and dynamic company that strives to make things more effective and a little better every time.

We have a wide and flexible range of motors, so we can meet most requests and so you only need to shop in one place.

We sell our own range of motors under the Fabrika name, and we are also a Siemens’ Approved Partner på elmotorer, gear og frekvensomformere.

We also sell accessories for electric motors such as gearmotorer og frekvensomformere.

We put your needs first

We give you a contact person you can always talk to. We take pride in knowing your business and your needs. Our ProPartner model is an example of the way we do business: Close teamwork, fast response times and real and honest dialogue.

High quality and plenty of options

We are known for our high quality standards, fast response times and excellent service, regardless of whether we sell you a Siemens motor or a Fabrika motor.

You always get competent sparring

Our employees have extensive experience of selling and servicing electric motors, and over the years we have sold thousands of electric motors to all types of industries. That’s we cannot only sell you the best motor for your project, we can also give you guidance and technical advice.

Always competitive

We can always offer motors at the most competitive prices, regardless of whether the name is Siemens or Fabrika. With us you pay for what you get – nothing more.

Standard or custom? You get it all from us

We sell electric motors from Siemens and from our own Fabrika brand, and we can cater for all needs with our range. Whether you need a limited number of motors, or you need many motors for an ongoing production, we have the products for you.

We can naturally also deliver a range of motors adapted to your needs, and which can be adapted to a wide range of entry voltages. This means you can save the many costly middle processes in your own production and get the complete product as a plug-and-play solution.

We call it Fabrika Customized Motors

You get your motors on time

Fabrika boasts a competent and experienced logistics team. We do all we can to deliver your products on time, and we naturally deliver all over the world.

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Become a ProPartner and enjoy even more benefits

Introductory meeting
A positive and fruitful partnership depends on the parties' knowing each other well. The first step is to sit down and discuss needs and solutions.
Needs assessment
Then we prepare a needs assessment, the purpose of which is to define optimal conditions for future cooperation between us so that we can provide the best professional sparring and the best solutions.
Proposed agreement
We present a proposed agreement.
Adapt proposals
The final agreement will be adapted to fit your company exactly. It takes time to review and adapt the agreement. The goal is to find the best solution for all parties.
Enter agreement
When we have reached consensus, we sign a formal agreement which lists the conditions for future partnership and trading between us.
Continual optimisation
We work in a dynamic industry, where products are constantly refined and improved. We keep our noses to the ground. We react when new processes, solutions and products come to light because they may be of use to you. That is why we do our utmost to keep the channels open between us.
Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.


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