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ATEX motors from Siemens

At Fabrika we deliver explosion-proof electric motors from Siemens!

Electric motors that have to work under extreme conditions must often be explosion-proof. This applies to e.g. motors that need to work in marine conditions, in tunnel drilling machines and in offshore installations, where there may be requirements for ATEX approval.

On explosion-proof electric motors, there may be requirements for special shafts, paint, special voltage conditions and much more. If you need a special engine with ATEX certification for your project, we are happy to help you further and adapt the motor to your needs.

  • Power

    0,09 to 1150 kW
  • Pole numbers

    2 to 8 poles
  • Size

    IEC 71 to 450
  • Zones

    1, 2, 21 and 22 and multi stamping
  • Customizable

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We are Approved Siemens Partner

We sell the entire Siemens range of electric motors, gear, and frequency converter, and we can offer you all products to very competitive prices: also explosion-proof ATEX motors.

We have access to Siemens’ own software programs for planning and selecting products, so they fit the application and fulfil all requirements, for example an ATEX certificate. This means you always get the perfect solution from us – and with full documentation, drawings, and data sheets.

The Siemens product range contains everything from energy-efficient low voltage motors, explosion-safe motors, and high voltage motors. And when Siemens is the name on the motor, you naturally have access to excellent documentation and a worldwide service!

Explosion-proof electric motors from Siemens

For ATEX environments, Fabrika can offer Siemens motors of the series 1MB1/1MB5 for the zones 1 and 21 as well as 2 and 22 from 0.09 to 500 kW and with the pole numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8. Here too there are many options.

If you need another type of Siemens electric motor for your application, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a customized solution for you. Explosion-proof motors can require special axels, paint, special voltage conditions and much more. We have many years’ experience of making modifications to ranges of electric motors, so they fit the required application.

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You are always welcome to contact us and hear more. Let us help you find the best solution that meets your needs.

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Didn’t you find a standard motor that meets your needs? We can help you with a customized electric motor!

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