Fabrika gear motor
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Fabrika gear motors

At Fabrika you can get a number of products of high quality that supply your electric motor – for example gear for your motor.

Fabrika’s own series of gear is produced for us by a sub-contractor, which we follow closely with our own quality specialists. Fabrika gear is a strong and competitive product, which naturally comes with all the documentation you need.

Give us a call and we can find the right solution for your project.

  • Power

    0,06 to 75 kW
  • Type

    Worm gear, helical gear box, bevel gear box etc.
  • Ratio

    2,44 to 10.000
  • Torque

    12 to 18.000 Nm
  • Customizable

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High quality, short delivery times and competitive prices

We have adapted and optimised our range so that we can quickly provide with the right sparring and together find the perfect solution – also for gear motors.

We work with our sub-contractors who we know and trust, and who always produce under the full control of our own quality experts.

Our quality is optimum because we have a large volume of excellent suppliers, and we can always offer you the right price. And because we hold the most models in stock, we can deliver fast – and next working day in most cases.

We adapt our own workshop

For big operational benefits, we can offer to build gear and motors with you at our own workshop. this means you get a ready plug-and-play solution and save yourself time and hassle.

Get a framework order – for peace of mind

You can always place a framework order with us for gear motors, just as you can with electric motors. This means that the products are stocked with us, so you save storage costs and have full security of supply.

Contact us today for a chat on how we can help you with a competitive solution for your gear motors.

At Fabrika we can customize your motor to suit your needs. See some of our customer stories about how we helped optimize their business.

You are always welcome to contact us and hear more. Let us help you find the best solution that meets your needs.

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