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Siemens gear motors

As approved Siemens partner Fabrika can offer you all types of gear motors from Siemens.

With the great product range of Siemens gear motors, we can find the right gear for you and your project. Siemens Simogear have a performance from 0,09 to 55 kW and can achieve a gear unit torque up to 19.500 Nm.

You can get a lot of different gear motors from Siemens through Fabrika, for example helical, parallel shaft, helical bevel and worm geared gear units, and many additional types and sizes.

  • Power

    0,09 to 55 kW
  • Type

    Worm gear, shaft mounted gearboxes, helical gear box, bevel gear box etc.
  • Ratio

    1,3 to 29.900
  • Torque

    Up to 19.500 Nm
  • Customizable

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High quality and excellent documentation

Siemens sets the standards for electric motors and is a guarantee of high quality and future-proof solutions. Siemens has one of the industry’s biggest ranges of electric motors, gear and converters and is at the forefront when it comes to development, technology, documentation and quality.

The Siemens name is your guarantee of top quality, worldwide service and thorough documentation.

The gear motors from Siemens make it easy for you to change your current gear solution, because they are designed according to market standards and either fit 100% or can easily be adapted.

Quick response and short production time

Siemens motors and gear are built as modules, which makes it quick and easy to add options. We can always find a solution that meets your requirements for your electric motors and gear. And because we have a flat and flexible organization, you always get a fast response to your requests.

Siemens gear motors have a very short production time, and therefore we can deliver your next Siemens motor with short delivery time. Give us a call and we can talk about your options.

Let us help you find the right gear for your motor

Because we are a Siemens partner, we have access to all calculation programmes from Siemens. This means we can quickly and easily find the right gear for your project.

Our documentation is also excellent. You get access to 3D drawings and data sheets, which you can use in your construction projects and for your own documentation.

Contact us for more information

You are always welcome to contact us and hear more. Let us help you find the best solution that meets your needs.

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Didn’t you find a standard motor that meets your needs? We can help you with a customized electric motor!

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